Cat Toys

    These animal-safe handcrafted toys are made in the USA and
offer original designs and superior quality.

To sum it up in one word, they are PURRfect!


 PURRfect Satin Close-Up Cat Toy

10" Shiny Satin Cords
Durable, Resists Fraying
18" Clear Flex Wand

The Original PURRfect Cat Toy

Plush Faux Furs with Satin Tails
32" Flex Wand with Noise Makers
36" Reinforced Cord

 PURRfect Feather Dancer

All Natural (Food Colored)
8" Flex Cable for Extra Bounce
18" Wand

PURRfect Feather Cat Toy 

All Natural Feathers
Free Extra Feather Attachment
32" Flex Wand with Noise Makers
36" Reinforced Cord

For extra attachments/refills see below

PURRfect Leather Bouncer 

Natural Processed Leather
Faux Fur End
18" Clear Colored Wand
6" Springy Flex Cable

 PURRfect Wispy Close-Up Cat Toy

10 - 12" Natural Wispy Peacock Flue
Iridescent Green
18" Clear Flex Wand

 PURRfect Feather Cat Toy Refills

  Tie-On Attachments/Refills

   3 Styles: String Tie-On
                  Feather Tie-On
                                 Peacock Feather Tie-On

 Rosie the Mouse Wand

$8.98 each

Rosie the Mouse

Made of all natural materials,
Rosie has a fuzzy body and soft suede leather head and tail.
$3.98 each

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