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North Woods Animal Treats, From the Field and Ratherbee -

All made in USA!

Nip n' Toy


North Woods Animal Treats

This handmade natural wool ball has a bell embedded in it. The ball is surrounded by premium catnip which can be easily renewed. When the ball starts to get fuzzy, a cycle through the washer and dryer will tighten the wool back up.

$8.98 each

From the Field - Earth Friendly Cat Toys 

These safe and healthy toys are made with strong durable hemp fiber and filled with all natural fresh and potent catnip. They are naturally antimicrobial, mold and mildew resistant, and hypoallergenic.

The Refillable Hemp Mouse

Sealed with a strong Velcro strip, this hemp mouse filled with potent catnip can be easily refilled as necessary.

$5.98 each
The Long Tail Hemp Mouse

Constructed of hemp fabric and hemp rope, this long tailed mouse is filled with potent all natural catnip.
Excellent for interactive play!

$5.98 each


Billy Bob The Cork Ball

These all natural cork balls are packaged in a resealable bag and spiked with all natural potent catnip.

$5.98 package of 2


Stella The Cork Comet

This natural cork ball has seven natural hemp tails in rainbow colors - a true challenge for any kitty to catch!

$4.98 each



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