Tiered Perches, Cradles and Cubbies

Twin Cradles

With its double cradles this unit is perfect for sharing.
All wood construction.
Two fully carpeted 15" x 18"cradles.
Front cradle (22" h) rests on sisal covered scratching post.
Rear cradle (30" h) sits atop a carpeted post.
All wood construction.
Measurements:  Base 18" x 24"
                           Height 34"
Price: $149.98

Birdwatcher's Tri-Level

Tri-level unit originally designed for hefty Maine Coons. This unit is very adaptable to custom measurements including placement of cradles at heights required to afford a "Cat's Eye View of the World"!
All wood construction.
Three carpeted cradles, each 15" x 18".Cradle heights are: 28", 42" and 60" from floor.
Three scratching posts; two are carpeted and the third is covered with sisal.
Hanging toy.
Measurements: Base 25" x 25"
                         Height 63"
Price: $279.98

Sleepy Hollow

Perfect for cats who enjoy a game of hide and seek.
All wood construction.
Hanging toy.
Carpeted 15" x 18" cradle sits atop a 30" high sisal covered scratching post.
Tunnel is 17" long with a 14" diameter.
Measurements: Carpeted base 19" x 24"
                         Height 33"
Price: $159.98

Mail Box

Mail box does double duty as both a hiding spot and a comfy lounging place.
Plush carpeted base offers an additional lounging area.
All wood construction.
Sisal covered 24" scratching post.
Hanging toy.
Measurements: Base 18" x 18"
                          Height 34"
Price: $119.98

Glenn's Choice

Designed for special needs and aging kitties.
This unit provides cradles at heights of 18" and 24" for easy access.
All wood construction.
Canadian cedar posts (may be uncovered as shown, or covered with carpet or sisal if desired).
Base measurement: 18" x 24"
Price:  $129.98

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